​Frequently ​Asked ​Question

Are you open 24 hours A day?

Yes. Our full administrative staff is available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. However, we have relocation experts available 24/7/365 to place families into hotels and handle emergency issues. Call us anytime.

Does 911 Housing Solutions track weather conditions?

Yes. 911 Housing Solutions constantly monitors weather and related activity 24/7/365. We strive to anticipates a storm's path so we can reserve hotel rooms in advance. This helps ensure we have rooms available even during high demand periods.   911 Housing Solutions takes care of everything step and handles all the payments until the insurance company compensates us.

How are security deposits handled?

We prefer that deposits be advanced from contents or other appropriate coverage. This expedites the housing process and encourages the policyholder to take good care of the property and furnishings. Exposing either the insurance company or 911 Housing Solutions to damage costs only serve to increase overall housing costs.

How do I submit a new request for housing assistance?

You can call us anytime at 1-888-707-9111  or click here to submit a new loss, 24/7/365. Unless you direct us otherwise, we will contact the family within 15 minutes of our receiving the claim to get the process started.

How do you bill for your services?

Before your policyholder selects a property, we always obtain your pre-approval of the budget. Once the policyholder has moved into the temporary housing, we’ll send you a detailed invoice of all costs. This invoice will have been pre-checked to make sure it’s within your budget and contains only authorized costs. If the initial lease period needs to be extended, you will be invoiced for approved extensions as they occur. For an idea of typical costs, please contact us.

How do you handle pets?

We accommodate domestic pets in most of our placements. Often the landlord charges a pet fee in the form of a non-refundable deposit.

How do you locate housing nationwide?

Our experienced relocation specialists utilize a number of tools and techniques for finding all available properties that suit the specific needs of the family. Among our resources is an exclusive nationwide database of properties and a custom search engine for locating listed properties. Many available properties are not listed and are found by following an exhaustive manual search protocol.

How does your billing work?

911 Housing Solutions bills upfront for the duration of the stay. The invoice will list each month on separate line items. The security deposit, if any, will be listed separately. Any extensions will be billed as they are incurred.

How does your housing process work?

Immediately after you contact us with your housing request, we contact your insured. We locate housing, negotiate a lease, obtain your approval on the rate, coordinate the showing of the property, and handle all of the paperwork. We facilitate the move-in and set-up of furniture, housewares, and appliances. We handle any issues that arise and monitor the policyholder's need throughout their temporary stay.

How important is my commitment to the length of stay?

Accurately estimating the length of stay helps to control costs. It is important not to significantly underestimate the length of stay needed. For example, it is more expensive to ask for a three-month stay with (3) one-month extensions than requesting a six-month stay from the outset. Property owners become more receptive to short-term rentals and lease prices tend to decrease with longer lease commitments.

How soon can my insured be placed in housing?

We make it our goal to contact the policyholder within minutes of your request. We typically locate properties within one day and make them available for viewing by the insured at their earliest convenience. Upon approval of a property by you and your insured, we set a move-in date. Furnished corporate suites are usually available for immediate occupancy. Properties that we furnish take several days to prepare. Trailers typically take 7-14 days to deliver, set-up, and furnish. While we are arranging for suitable long-term housing, we can arrange for direct billing of hotel charges for room and taxes.

What different types of housing do you provide?

At 911 Housing Solutions we can help with a wide variety of temporary housing needs. We locate properties that best meet your policyholder’s needs and best match the type of home in which they live, including single-family, townhouse, corporate apartment, mobile home, etc. For stays of less than a month, we will typically place your policyholder in an extended stay hotel with a kitchenette.

What do you mean by “optimum property”?

The optimum property is one that meets the expectations of your insured while remaining within your budget and policy provisions.

What if our policyholder does not speak English?

No problem! We work with a translation service that is available all day, any day. They provide on-demand translation services for over 200 languages. We can assist your policyholder in their native language as needed.

What is 911 Housing Solutions?

911 Housing Solutions works primarily for the insurance housing industry, managing the temporary housing process for policyholders who have been displaced from their homes.

What is provided with each temporary residence?

Each property is furnished to suit the specific needs of the family. Our furniture packages come in several levels of quality to suit the family's lifestyle. Specific requests can be accommodated from home offices to special needs furnishings.

What is the minimum lease length you handle?

We handle any length placement, from a one-night hotel stay to a 12 month+ temporary rental as a result of an unusually large loss. At 911 Housing Solutions, we understand you cannot always know the needed lease length shortly after the loss has occurred. Our rental agreements always begin with the length of time you specify, yet we also make sure we have the ability to extend the agreements on a month-to-month basis as needed.

What paperwork does my policyholder sign?

The policyholder will need to sign the residential lease as presented by the property owner. The policyholder will also be expected to sign a housing agreement with 911 Housing Solutions if they agree to accept a property we are providing. The agreement outlines the responsibilities of both parties and gives authorization for housing-related insurance payments to be paid directly to 911 Housing Solutions.

When should I contact 911 Housing?

You should contact us for assistance as soon as you know a family will need to be out of their home for any length of time. If it is simply a 1-2 day minor repair, we can handle all of the hotel arrangements. But if it is a longer-term relocation situation, the sooner we get started, the sooner we can have the family settled into a temporary home. While we are searching for that longer-term solution, we will handle all the hotel arrangements to keep the family safe and comfortable.

Who will handle utility connections?

When requested, we will coordinate utility connections and transfers.

Why should I use 911 Housing Solutions?

Service and speed. We already have the hotels, properties, and vendors in place, so we can quickly relocate the families into appropriate housing situations. Cost efficiency. Because of the volume of business we do, our pre-negotiated agreements and our negotiation skills, we can offer you excellent rates. Time savings. We take care of the temporary housing process so you can concentrate on the many other crucial aspects of getting the family back into their home. Service. We are available 24/7/365 to take care of the adjusters’ and policyholders’ needs, making this difficult experience as smooth as possible for all involved.

Will someone notify me before the lease ends?

All our leases are negotiated with a 30-day move-out/extension notice provision. We will contact you in writing and by phone 45 days prior to the end of the lease so that you will have sufficient time to determine if the lease should be ended or extended. It is important that a notice is sent out on time so that additional charges are not incurred.