Secure Online Payments

You are able to safely and securely send payments to 911 Housing Solutions using the form below. This can be for portions of living expenses that are not covered by your insurance policy. These can include rent, deductibles and utility abatements, security deposits, and other miscellaneous housing expenses.

Please note that 911 Housing Solutions does not keep, process, or transmit credit card information. Our online payments are processed by PayPal.

Return Policy

We are happy to provide a refund for a credit card transaction provided:

  •     You request a refund within 10 days of the transaction.
  •     There are no outstanding debts to 911 Housing Solutions.

Security Deposit Returns:

For Landlord security deposit, be aware that payments are forwarded by 911 Housing Solutions (along with an initial rent check) to your landlord. We are your the lessor, you are responsible for the return of all or a portion of the deposit at the end of the lease. If the landlord returns the deposit to 911 Housing Solutions, we then send you that amount minus any cost due 911 Housing Solutions by you and not covered by your insurance. Please be aware that many insurance companies do not cover security deposit funds legitimately withheld by your landlord.

Please contact us at 1-888-707-9111 or email us to request a refund or if you have any questions.

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